A little bit about me

My name is Mikaela Linderholm and I’m the designer and maker behind IdunCreations. It took me 36 years to find my passion in life but I have definitely found it now! I love crocheting and creating with yarn. Who knew a little skein of yarn and a hook was going to open up a whole new world! I sure didn’t!

I crochet mostly amigurumi of all sizes and miniatures are especially fun to make. You can also find me with a scarf or a cowl project in my hands now and then but you will rarely find me without a hook in my hand!

Fun fact, I named my business after my cat Idun. She was one of a kind and if you look at my logo you can see her sitting there on the branch.

I’m so happy that you read this little intro. Find me on Instagram and let’s talk crochet!