Amigurumi – A Clever Way to Hide Ends

Learn to hide ends in a clever way after sewing on parts or features to your amigurumi

Crochet and amigurumi is so much fun and when you learn at few tricks and hacks it gets even better!

This little tutorial will show you how to make knots and ends disappear completely after adding for example eyelashes or a line underneath an eye. As I write many patterns I find myself often thinking about how to explain this, so I thought I’d make a photo tutorial as I hope it’s something many can benefit from!

Start by inserting the needle a few stitches away from the area where you want to sew on a feature. In this picture it is a white line underneath the eye.

When you have added the feature make sure you exit through the same space as you inserted the needle. Tie the ends together.

Thread one of the ends to the needle. Insert it into the same space again and go out anywhere on the bodypart.

Pull the yarn so that the knot disappears inside the bodypart. Do the same thing with the other end. Ta-da! The knot and the end are invisible! Now all you need to do is cut the yarn ends and you’re finished! The little hole in the picture will disappear in case you were wondering 😉

This is what it looks like with the white lines underneath the eyes.

I hope you found this tutorial useful!

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